• Painting on the Walls of the Abyss
  • Al Jumhuriya Fellowship
    Painting on the Walls of the Abyss
    Sham Al-Ali
    Peaceful movement in one of the rural towns in Damascus, the big dreams and the psychological struggles at the beginning of the revolution, and other details and observations in Sham Al-Ali's piece for Al-Jumhuriya’s Fellowship for Young Writers.
  • A Day of Silence
  • The Drone Effect
  • War Crimes
    A Day of Silence
    Yassin al-Haj Saleh
    We, the Syrians, cannot stop speaking, and yet we cannot speak. The grotesque has challenged our words, time and time again, and destroyed them.
  • Art
    The Drone Effect
    Dana Dawud
    Dana Dawud explores the drone as a politically charged and ambiguous concept and a weapon for media wars.

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