Alisar Iram

14 September 2013

Below are some of my thoughts on the Anti-war Movement and the antiwar campaigners, in addition to the infiltrators: the Assadis who are exploiting the war-weary West 

To the Anti-war Movement

What are you talking about? Is Syria the human sacrifice to be offered at the altar of the Anti-war Movement? You cannot buy peace by ignoring murder, rape, starvation, suffering and annihilation on a biblical scale. You cannot buy peace by relinquishing your moral responsibility or by imposing a false ideology empty of compassion and bereft of true meaning. The Anti-war Movement is driven by ideologues which bandy platitudes, bankrupt convictions and ruthless abstract views. It is exploiting the people’s war-fatigue and weariness, at least in Britain and the States, in addition to the natural understandable dreams of the masses to selfishly or unselfishly confine themselves to their domestic affairs and look after themselves and their families. All this we understand and understand more, but the world is a «global village» and the carnage, the extermination of a small country will come back to haunt every man, woman and child in the world. Abel is being slaughtered. What are we going to do about it?

You would be doing much better to stop a war which has been taking place and raging in Syria for two years and a half now, a war launched by a so called «sovereign» state against its people. What are you talking about? Do you want a killer regime to continue with its genocides and chemical attacks? Is this your idea of peace, a peace achieved by sacrificing the Syrian people who are already strapped to wheels of fire , a peace bought with the corpses of children? First stop a dirty, vicious, barbaric war against cities, civilians, children and women, then come to me and speak about anti-war campaigns. The Syria you wish to save from a war launched from outside is already invaded by its own government and other foreign governments, not to mention adventurers from all over the world. This is the war you should stop not a possible limited strike to punish the murderers without even damaging them enough. There is an important voice that is absent from the anti-war Campaign. I call this absence a serious attempt to conceal the evidence of a crime committed against Syria and its people by its rulers in order to uphold a conviction bereft of significance. To oppose war while hiding and ignoring another, including the tens of thousands of victims and the millions of refugees, is a travesty. I even go as far as to describe it as a crime against humanity.

There is a difference between being pro-peace, which I am, and being anti-war for the sake of being anti-war. In order to reinstate or instate peace you have to eradicate tyranny and mass murder. Peace cannot be achieved astride the corpses of children The Scandinavian countries sit amid their white white snows and uphold the ideals of peace. Peace is not an idea or a philosophy alone. Peace is dynamic, living, and interactive; it is a condition only possible if freed from inflicted suffering, injustice and the death of freedom. It cannot prevail while children are gassed, women are raped, young people and old massacred, cities annihilated and a country fed to the vultures. Peace is not a mummified or frozen in suspended animation ideology. Peace is saving life, nurturing it and healing it. Is it the peace of the dead that is being preached to us? Well, we wish for the peace of the living.

How nobler, how infinitely nobler, how moral, infinitely moral it would have been for the Anti-war Movement to have called to stop the war inside Syria, Assad’s war against his people, instead of the vague, cynical, selfish, falsely virtuous call to stop a possible strike against Assad.

Hands off Syria Assad, not hands off Syria. This should be the cry. But to leave Syria to Assad to continue to destroy it, smash its cities and condemn its children to death or a living hell amounts to what ought to be considered as a crime against peace, life and humanity. Hands off Syria Assad.