منبر يسعى لأن يمتلك السوريون كلامهم

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About us was founded in March 2012 by a group of Syrian writers and academics, both inside and outside the country, as a platform for Syrians to speak in their own voice about the myriad political, social, cultural, and other questions thrown up by the revolution and ensuing conflict in their country.

Initially published only in Arabic, in 2016 Al-Jumhuriya launched our English-language sister site to broaden our reach and enable new voices, Syrian and otherwise, to contribute to the conversation.

Through our distinct blend of commentaries, reportage, long-form essays, interviews, podcasts, translations, and short fiction, we seek to illuminate in full and vivid color the Syrian picture too often viewed in disparate versions of monochrome. While aspiring fervently to a democratic and just future for Syria, we retain full independence from any political faction, party, government, or corporation.

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We are always looking to publish excellent writing and/or other content (e.g. audiovisual) from new contributors. If you feel you have an idea that would interest us, feel free to send a pitch outlining it to [email protected]


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