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    The advent of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s marked a monumental milestone in terms of communication and freedom of information. The fact that we can access vast amounts of information at our fingertips – and much of it for free – is a groundbreaking step towards the democratization of information.


    However, independent journalism worldwide has been facing something of an existential crisis. Today’s internet generation is not in the habit of paying for journalism – unlike previous generations, for whom it used to be normal to maintain subscriptions to their favorite newspapers or magazines.


    The challenge the internet has posed to journalistic endeavors – especially those in smaller and developing countries, and especially those without government support – is significant.


    With this in mind, Al-Jumhuriya faces the choice before all media platforms: do we keep access to content behind a paywall, as a growing number of media platforms around the world have decided to do? Or do we keep the content free, and find alternative sources of funding to continue the work we do?


    Since 2014, Al-Jumhuriya has relied on grants for its funding, aiming mainly at independent media institutions in Syria, the Arab world, and globally. From the very start, we have been committed to diversifying the sources of these grants to avoid dependency on one or two main partners. We have also steered clear of short-term grants and irresponsible expansion strategies, and have sought to minimize administrative expenses as much as we can. Since 2019, Al-Jumhuriya has offered a range of editorial services, including translation, editing, and design, with the goal of strictly maintaining our intellectual and editorial independence and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our enterprise.


    But Al-Jumhuriya and its wider project remain at risk. Today, we face ever-increasing difficulties in securing financial support that aligns with our values and guarantees our independence. This challenge has been exacerbated by the changing political landscape in Europe and Scandinavia in recent years, coinciding with the onset of the Russian war on Ukraine and the continuing rise of right-wing populist movements.


    We have no desire to restrict access to Al-Jumhuriya’s content to those with a credit card, which would exclude the vast majority of our intended audience. Instead, we are asking for support.


    Today, on the 12th anniversary of Al-Jumhuriya, we are launching a donation platform where those readers capable of donating can do so. Donations will be directed to our bank account in Germany, where Al-Jumhuriya is registered as an official non-profit organization, compliant with all labor and tax laws and subject to periodic accounting and financial audits.


    Throughout our twelve years, the Al-Jumhuriya team has worked tirelessly to provide in-depth press coverage, analysis, and high-quality information. We have also helped hundreds from the younger generation of journalists to get involved in Syrian and Arab public discourse and nourish their yearning for free, critical thinking.


    If you believe in our project and the values it represents, and if you enjoy and benefit from the content we offer; if you share our vision of building a larger, more diverse and influential community; then we hope you will support us with your donations. By doing so, you will be contributing not only to Al-Jumhuriya’s mission, but to the values we earnestly serve and strive towards.

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